Monday, 13 July 2009

Thats it Folks, the 4th of July marked the end of a crazy busy period and with only the Aussies at lords to come I feel that the summer is nearly over before it started. There were trips to Italy [ yes I had a few!] and the girls went too. Kinga, Monica, Jackie and Pina all went and created a bit of mayhem in northern Tuscany, the local village did not know what hit them. There were nights out with you lot, drinking in other bars [this should not be allowed but I have not worked out how to stop you yet]. Brian Cho got his plaque on the wall as the highest spender of 2009; so did Kirsten and Stella for .... just being Kirsten and Stella thank you 2009's hope all goes well, 2010's have a good summer, 2011's hope to see you soon!

Let the pictures tell the stories see you all soon.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

What is the connection?

None really, I am indebted to Rui Maderia who took this image of the Windsor castle the other day and just maybe he will be dancing the salsa at the Windsor castle this Sunday afternoon; with his name he should be giving the odd lesson.

For those of you who missed La Mezcla playing just before Christmas you now get another chance to work up a sweat and melt the snow. No charge just turn up and dance to Wendy and her numerous talented friends who provide a frantic couple of hours of pulsating music.

Alex will be in the Kitchen providing food for the needy, Les Girls will be behind the bar dispensing drinks and helping to dampen your fire!

Hope to see you there

Wednesday, 5 November 2008


The Everards brewer will be at the Windsor castle on Monday the 10th of November from 7.30pm to teach you all about their beers and, more importantly, let you sample them. We will have on our usual Everards Tiger and Everards will be a selection of their other beers. If you are interested in coming send us an e-mail or pop in and pick up a ticket.

For the Christmas season we will have five 'Real Ales'on tap:
London Pride, Timothy Taylor, Everards Tiger, Bishops finger and Fullers London Porter A FEAST OF BEERS.

Our thanks giving and Christmas menu starts this Tuesday the 11th of November, so switch to our menu page to see details and e-mail us for any bookings or questions.

Just have to say what a great result in the American election, not because I know that much about Obama or dislike MCcain; it is just that it feels good to see a minority people fight there way to the top after so few years. Who could say, hand on heart, that this would be possible here, I do not think so and what is worse where are the candidates and role models

Hope to see you all on Monday


Mike Foskett

Friday, 10 October 2008

It has been a couple of months since I updated this Blog and in Stock Market values 'one hell of a downward spiral'. However life has to go on and the odd drink or two can help to put things in perspective [Yes it is really that bad!] Publicans, like taxi drivers, are always complaining and sometimes resort to Clich├ęd homespun Philosophy so here I go:

I was listening to Jools Holland the other day [ a sure sign of getting old or why else would you be in at 11pm on a Friday evening] when Seasick Steve performed his new single ' I started out with nothing and I still got most of it left' .... it makes you think of what is most important in your life and that it is much harder to lose the important things in life as opposed to the material things that we tend to get attached to and give unwarranted time to.

Enough of that

New friends in the Windsor so a welcome to all the 2010 and to Rikki you let me get run down by a rickshaw. To Stella Happy Birthday to Eliza Happy Birthday.

New Menu at the Windsor and New wines...... and a nice picture of a Goat for no other reason than 'its a nice goat'

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Friends and weddings, where would you be without them!

Monday, 21 July 2008

Another year over [academically speaking] it was a busy few weeks saying goodbye to friends from the class of 2008, proud parents got happily drunk as their 'children' graduated, we wish them all well with their chosen futures. I do not like to single out people for thanks but I will make one or two exceptions this time:

  • Tim's Dad for getting me and Tim drunk on the Thursday night

  • Fred for smashing Karim's record, never thought I would be saying that, well done!

  • Courtenay for looking after me when I was having a glass or two on my Birthday

  • Kimberley for singing to me in the style of Marilyn Monroe

Gonna miss you all!

Roll on September with the return of the 2009's and the new 2010's

Sometimes it feels that life is just slipping away

Monday, 16 June 2008

Tiger for June


Just back from a wonderful 3 days wine tasting in Chianti, Jackie and I had a great time with Pina Bello from Michael Druitt wines. We will be adding some fantastic new wines from the Autumn and we will be looking forward to announcing a wine tasting evening with John Matta from Castello Vicchiomaggio, who is producing some fantactic super tuscans from his estate in Greve in Chianti. The Estate is worth a visit, look it up on it is even better in real life; and John is a great host.

Back in the real world, we will be hosting 'Everards Tiger' as our Guest ale for June and July so pop in for a refreshing championship winning ale.