Monday, 13 July 2009

Thats it Folks, the 4th of July marked the end of a crazy busy period and with only the Aussies at lords to come I feel that the summer is nearly over before it started. There were trips to Italy [ yes I had a few!] and the girls went too. Kinga, Monica, Jackie and Pina all went and created a bit of mayhem in northern Tuscany, the local village did not know what hit them. There were nights out with you lot, drinking in other bars [this should not be allowed but I have not worked out how to stop you yet]. Brian Cho got his plaque on the wall as the highest spender of 2009; so did Kirsten and Stella for .... just being Kirsten and Stella thank you 2009's hope all goes well, 2010's have a good summer, 2011's hope to see you soon!

Let the pictures tell the stories see you all soon.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

What is the connection?

None really, I am indebted to Rui Maderia who took this image of the Windsor castle the other day and just maybe he will be dancing the salsa at the Windsor castle this Sunday afternoon; with his name he should be giving the odd lesson.

For those of you who missed La Mezcla playing just before Christmas you now get another chance to work up a sweat and melt the snow. No charge just turn up and dance to Wendy and her numerous talented friends who provide a frantic couple of hours of pulsating music.

Alex will be in the Kitchen providing food for the needy, Les Girls will be behind the bar dispensing drinks and helping to dampen your fire!

Hope to see you there