Monday, 13 July 2009

Thats it Folks, the 4th of July marked the end of a crazy busy period and with only the Aussies at lords to come I feel that the summer is nearly over before it started. There were trips to Italy [ yes I had a few!] and the girls went too. Kinga, Monica, Jackie and Pina all went and created a bit of mayhem in northern Tuscany, the local village did not know what hit them. There were nights out with you lot, drinking in other bars [this should not be allowed but I have not worked out how to stop you yet]. Brian Cho got his plaque on the wall as the highest spender of 2009; so did Kirsten and Stella for .... just being Kirsten and Stella thank you 2009's hope all goes well, 2010's have a good summer, 2011's hope to see you soon!

Let the pictures tell the stories see you all soon.