Monday, 21 July 2008

Another year over [academically speaking] it was a busy few weeks saying goodbye to friends from the class of 2008, proud parents got happily drunk as their 'children' graduated, we wish them all well with their chosen futures. I do not like to single out people for thanks but I will make one or two exceptions this time:

  • Tim's Dad for getting me and Tim drunk on the Thursday night

  • Fred for smashing Karim's record, never thought I would be saying that, well done!

  • Courtenay for looking after me when I was having a glass or two on my Birthday

  • Kimberley for singing to me in the style of Marilyn Monroe

Gonna miss you all!

Roll on September with the return of the 2009's and the new 2010's

Sometimes it feels that life is just slipping away